New and Improved

This would be my newest draft of Hands!

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Sailing Away

This would be the final draft of my mobile.  I had lots of complications when it came to attaching the “sail” to the wire, mostly with bending the paper more then I wanted.  But I finally came up with a solution.  Its still hanging a little bit weird so I might fix that, but overall I am really happy with how it turned out.

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The end is near

For my final design project, I would like to improve my “Hands” video.  Instead of trying to focus on one person, I would use the people who enter into my daily life.  I would still be focusing on hands, but I want to do tighter shots and actually know what they are doing.  Examples of what I will do is I would just take footage of the people who are in my classes, who I eat breakfast lunch and dinner with, the people I hangout with outside of class, and anything else that I might do in my day.  I would start from in the morning of course, and then proceed throughout the day.  I have been thinking of whether or not I should what time it is or not.

The biggest thing that I think I need to work on for this project will be the audio, I like the idea of maybe having certain footage overlap one another.  I know that I want to take lots of audio of typing and pages turning because those are things that our hands make everyday and it will be something that the viewer will really understand.

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So this would be the product of what I have learned about Final Cut Express. I call it Hands.

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There is an I in team

Courtesy of the Daily What via Tumblr.

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Final Cut Express

So today in class we are going to be learning how to work with final cut express.  For my footage I decided to film a couple of my friends, but instead of their faces, the only thing you could see is their hands.  I wanted to do this because I was interested in what people do with their hands when they are performing everyday tasks.  Most people do not see or even pay attention to this.  So we will see how working with the new software is!

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And once more with feeling….

After this somewhat uneventful Halloween weekend, coming back to this project was interesting.  I was thinking back on all the comments during the critique, and I really liked the idea of it being a puddle or ripples in a pond.  And through that I decided that the images and the text needed to be divided into the sides of the mobile. 

With this I wanted to make the “images” actually look like ripples, and its a little bit easier to see with the text side.  Once I have it completely all together on the wire, I will post a picture of it.

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